Submersible Clean Pump QXXXB142 INOX

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Plastic submersible pump with stainless steel casing, floater switch, and top water discharge for clean water or dirty water applications. The floater switch could be adjusted up and down when in operation. The pump base has a position ring that shows 1mm to 23mm. The pump would be in clean water application mode when you took it out of the gift box. When you want to use this pump for dirty water applications, you may pull the pump up and then rotate the position ring to 23mm.

Junhe Pumps Holding Co., Ltd., established in 1999, has been specializing in producing household pumps for more than 22 years. Our 1500+ working staff and 116,000 m2 factory building are capable of running 4 million pieces of pumps each year, which significantly contributes to our being one of the top professional household water pump manufacturers here in China at the time being.

Water pumps are the core business of Junhe Enterprise. The leading products are new domestic water pumps, including submersible pumps, garden pumps, deep well pumps, and fountain pumps, with more than 1000 product models. It is widely used in household water supply, drainage, garden irrigation, household cleaning, and beautification. In recent years, the company has gradually established a diversified product line based on domestic water pumps and actively transformed and upgraded its product systematization and schematization, striving to provide customers and consumers with professional and comprehensive products and services.

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