1200W Powerful Vertical Garment Steamer

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Do service first, then market "is our philosophy and model. We will work hard with all our employees, our team and our partners to create people's modern life.Entering the 20th century, the surging steam gradually faded out of the stage of industry and turned into an elegant posture appeared in people's life. Steam high temperature, clean, environmental protection and efficient characteristics, more and more widely used in life, steam humidification, cleaning, beauty and other products emerge at the historic moment.As people's demand for quality of life is higher and higher, the pursuit of healthy home life and fashionable dress concept has become inevitable. In recent years, the steam Garment Steamer has brought people a new concept of clothing, clothing protection concept, greatly improved the quality of people's clothing.Garment Steamer is very popular among urban white-collar workers. The ironing experience of "good clothes, hanging ironing" has changed.Garment Steamer through the internal hot steam constantly contact clothes and cloth, to soften clothes and cloth fiber organization, and through the "pull", "pressure", "spray" action level clothes and cloth, so that the clothes and cloth as good as new. Compared with traditional electric irons, the protection of fabrics is better, and the operation is more convenient. The design of large water tank avoids the trouble of frequently changing water, and the Garment Steamer is increasingly welcomed by consumers.

1200w Powerful Vertical Garment Steamer Made in China

High quality 1200W Powerful Vertical Garment Steamer is offered by China manufacturers Meiyu Electrical. Buy 1200W Powerful Vertical Garment Steamer which is of high quality directly with low price.

Introduction of 1200w Powerful Vertical Garment Steamer

This item is called the 1200w Powerful Vertical Garment Steamer. The power is 1200W. It has an built-in water pump which can send the water to the heater non-stopply. 

It has an brush. The water tank capacity is 170ml. The working time is about 10 minutes. The steam rate is about 17g/minute. It is very convenient to use.

Parameter of 1200w Powerful Vertical Garment Steamer



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