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Unleashing Versatility: Customizing the 36mm Brushless DC Motor For Electric Actuators


In the realm of electromechanical systems, versatility and adaptability are key factors in meeting the diverse needs of various industries and applications. When it comes to electric actuators, the 36mm Brushless DC (BLDC) motor stands out as a prime example of customizable technology tailored to specific requirements. Let's explore how this compact yet powerful motor can be fine-tuned to excel in a wide range of applications.

Understanding the 36mm Brushless DC Motor:

Before delving into customization options, it's essential to grasp the fundamentals of the 36mm BLDC motor. Unlike traditional brushed motors, BLDC motors offer several advantages, including higher efficiency, lower maintenance requirements, and smoother operation. The 36mm form factor strikes a balance between compactness and performance, making it suitable for diverse applications where space constraints and power output are critical considerations.

Tailoring Performance to Application Requirements:

1. Voltage and Current Ratings: One of the most significant advantages of BLDC motors is their flexibility in operating across a wide range of voltages and currents. By adjusting the motor's winding configuration and electronics, manufacturers can optimize performance to match specific voltage and current requirements, whether it's for low-power applications or high-torque operations.

2. Speed and Torque Characteristics: Electric actuators often require precise control over speed and torque. The 36mm BLDC motor can be customized to deliver the desired speed-torque curve by selecting appropriate winding configurations, magnet materials, and rotor designs. This allows for tailored performance suited to applications ranging from robotics and automation to medical devices and aerospace systems.

3. Integration with Control Systems: BLDC motors offer seamless integration with advanced control systems, including pulse-width modulation (PWM), sensorless control, and closed-loop feedback mechanisms. By fine-tuning control algorithms and communication protocols, engineers can optimize motor performance, responsiveness, and efficiency to meet the unique demands of each application.

Mechanical Adaptability:

1. Shaft Configuration: The shaft configuration of the 36mm BLDC motor can be customized to accommodate various coupling mechanisms, including gears, pulleys, and couplings. This versatility allows for easy integration into existing mechanical systems while ensuring efficient power transmission and torque delivery.

2. Mounting Options: To facilitate installation in different environments and orientations, the motor can be configured with a variety of mounting options, including flange mounts, face mounts, and base mounts. This adaptability simplifies the mechanical design process and enables seamless integration into a wide range of equipment and machinery.

Environmental Considerations:

1. Temperature Range: Depending on the application's operating environment, the motor can be designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and humidity levels. By selecting appropriate materials, coatings, and sealing techniques, engineers can ensure optimal performance and reliability in harsh conditions, such as automotive, industrial, and outdoor applications.

2. IP Rating: In environments where dust, moisture, or contaminants are prevalent, the motor can be rated for specific Ingress Protection (IP) levels to prevent damage and ensure long-term durability. Customizable IP ratings ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements while safeguarding sensitive components from environmental hazards.


The 36mm Brushless DC motor offers unparalleled versatility and customization options to meet the specific requirements of electric actuator applications across various industries. From adjusting performance parameters and mechanical configurations to enhancing environmental resilience, engineers have the flexibility to tailor the motor's design to exact specifications. By leveraging the inherent advantages of BLDC technology and embracing customization, manufacturers can unlock new possibilities and deliver innovative solutions that redefine efficiency, reliability, and performance in the world of electric actuators.

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