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What is horizontal slurry pump?


Horizontal slurry pump is called "horizontal" because the pump's shaft is parallel to the ground, as opposed to a vertical slurry pump where the shaft is perpendicular to the ground.

Horizontal slurry pumps are commonly used in industries such as mining, power generation, and chemical processing, where slurries need to be transported over long distances or pumped uphill. The pump's impeller rotates and creates a centrifugal force that propels the slurry through the pump's discharge outlet. The slurry enters the pump through the suction inlet and passes through the volute casing, which houses the impeller.

Horizontal slurry pumps can be customized for specific applications, and are available in various materials, including metal alloys, rubber, and ceramics. They may also feature different impeller designs, such as open or closed, depending on the nature of the slurry being pumped. Overall, horizontal slurry pumps are an important tool for handling challenging slurry applications in a variety of industries.


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