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Precautions for Laser beauty machine


Medical cosmetology has developed very rapidly in just a few years. Not only the stars in the entertainment circle are keen on various kinds of medical cosmetic surgery, but also the ordinary people are increasingly accepting of medical cosmetic surgery. Laser beauty is now more and more recognized and respected by the public, to some extent even become a fashion trend of beauty way. But most of us only know the many advantages of Laser beauty, but even some of the simple precautions about Laser beauty machine do not know, in order to solve this problem, beauty instrument manufacturers simply introduce it for you!

1. The instrument should be placed smoothly in the room temperature of 10℃-35℃, relative humidity is less than 80%, well-ventilated position, can not be placed in the radiator, hot ventilation pipe and other heat sources, or have direct sunlight, mechanical vibration place;

2. The installation and use of the environment should be clean, low dust, good air quality, no strong electromagnetic interference, strictly prevent falling and impact;

3. The connecting lines of the instrument should be inserted in place, and be careful not to insert wrong interfaces or virtual connections;

4. Avoid direct eyes to the luminous mouth;

That's all for Laser beauty machine precautions.


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