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Precautions and daily maintenance of Shot Blast Machine before use?


When using a Shot Blast Machine, it is necessary to implement equipment. We have to understand the sequence of devices. This is very necessary. Of course, when using the equipment, we should follow the instructions to make the equipment more accurate. Of course, if a Shot Blast Machine manufacturer specially assigns employees, the effect of the equipment will be better, and of course, the effect of use will be more guaranteed.In the planning work, we must be familiar with the operation procedure of the Shot Blast Machine. Only when we are familiar with the procedure can we carry out the operation better and take better care of the equipment. Being familiar with the operation procedure of the equipment will guarantee the use of the equipment. Therefore, in the substantive operation, we must pay attention to the above problems. As long as these issues are handled properly, we can extend the life of our devices, strengthen their functions together, and increase the manufacturing capacity of our companies.

Shot Blast Machine daily repair and maintenance

1. Whether the fixed bolts on the shot blasting machine and the motor of the shot blasting machine are loose or not, they are tightened immediately when they are loose.

2. Wear condition of wear-resistant parts in shot peening machine and indoor protection plate, and replace worn parts in time.

3. Shot Blast Machine check whether the door is tightly closed.

4. Check whether the limit switch and proximity switch are normal.

5. Check whether the operation status of each signal indicator on the control table is normal. 6. Check whether the total amount of pellet material in the pellet silo is sufficient. If there is a shortage, it should be increased.

Shot Blast Machine monthly repair and maintenance

1. Check and adjust the fan valve.

2. Adjust the tightness of the drive chain, and give lubrication.

3. Check the belt tightness of the bucket elevator and adjust it. Check hopper bolts and tighten.

4. Check the lubricating oil of the reducer. If it is lower than the regular oil level, the corresponding grease must be added.

5. Check the contact condition of the AC contactor and the knife switch, and clean the ash.

6. Check the power and control part of the wire and cable is loose, should be fastened.

7. Separate the motor from the single test, listen to whether the sound is normal, see the size of no-load current, each motor is not less than 5 minutes.

8. Check the wear and fixing condition of fan and duct.

Quarterly repair and maintenance

1. Check the bearing and add grease.

2. Shot blasting machine and shot blasting motor replace grease.

3. Check the tightness of the fastening bolts and flanges of the motor, reducer, fan and three screw conveyors.

Annual repair and maintenance

1. Overhaul motor bearings

2. Replace or weld the main chamber body guard plate.

3. Check the contact reliability of PLC and frequency converter.

4. Test whether the ammeter is accurate.


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