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How Do Textile Knitting Machine Work?


There are three main types of knitting machines: manual, punch card, and electronic. Here's how each type works:

1. Manual Knitting Machines:

Manual knitting machines require the operator to turn cranks or push buttons to create the desired pattern. The operator inserts the yarn into the machine and moves the carriage across the bed of needles, causing the needles to pick up the yarn and create loops. The operator must manually adjust the tension and stitch size as they work to create the desired fabric.

2. Punch Card Knitting Machines:

Punch card knitting machines use pre-punched cards to create patterns automatically. The operator inserts the card into the machine and sets the machine to read the card. As the operator moves the carriage across the bed of needles, the machine reads the card and automatically creates the desired pattern.

3. Electronic Knitting Machines:

Electronic knitting machines use a computer to program and control the knitting process. The operator designs the pattern on a computer and transfers it to the knitting machine using a USB cable. The machine then automatically creates the pattern, adjusting the tension and stitch size as needed.

In all types of knitting machines, the needles move up and down to create loops of yarn that interlock with each other to form the fabric. The number and arrangement of needles, as well as the type of yarn used, determine the thickness, texture, and pattern of the fabric created.


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