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Electric Faucet Product introduction


Features of Electric Faucet

1 The product adopts advanced water and power cut, water and electricity separation technology structure design, the product is connected to the power supply when there is water flow through the normal water pressure. If there is no water or no water, the product will not be connected to the power supply

2 The heating main engine is made of heat resistance, fire resistance, water resistance and special insulating materials. Water goes by water, electricity goes by circuit, water and electricity do not mix, so as to ensure the safety of water and electricity separation

3 The design of electrical anti-shock isolation bin ensures the safety of electricity consumption; The design of electric shock isolation bin ensures the safety of electricity 


4 Even if there is accidental leakage, the leakage current will not cause harm to the human body 

Matters needing attention

1 The maximum water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius

2 Inverted use is prohibited

3 The nozzle must be kept unimpeded, often clean the nozzle hole, can not be blocked, prohibit access to the shower head with water flow switch and other flow blocking elements

4 The pressure of tap water should not exceed the pressure indicated by the sign, and it must be grounded reliably

5. During installation, Electric Faucet should check the capacity of the meter, switch, fuse, circuit path, and circuit leading to the water heater for switches.


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