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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of disc brake pads?


First, let's look at the advantages of disc brake pads. Compared with drum brake pads, disc brake pads are easier to dissipate heat, which means that the braking effect of disc brake pads is more stable and reliable when braking for a long time. In addition, disc brake pads are better suited for high-speed braking because they have higher braking capacity. Disc brake pads are also easier to maintain and replace than drum pads because they only require the replacement of the brake pads rather than the entire brake drum.

However, disc brake pads also have some disadvantages. First, disc brake pads are relatively more expensive because they require more materials and manufacturing processes. 

Also, disc brake pads wear more on the brake system because they have less friction area. It also means disc brake pads need to be replaced more frequently.

So, how to choose their own brake system? If you often have to travel at high speeds or need to brake for long periods of time, disc brake pads are a better choice. But if you're driving for relatively little time and speed, or on a limited budget, then drum brake pads may be better for you.

In short, disc brake pads and drum brake pads each have advantages and disadvantages, which one to choose depends on your specific needs and budget. No matter which one you choose, the maintenance and maintenance of the brake system is very important, not only to extend the life of the brake system, but also to ensure a safe ride.


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